Year 6 interviews

18 March 2016


This afternoon we interview Nil who is going to the Lady Margaret School.

How did you find the 11+?

I actually like doing maths. I am not really sure I liked the English part but it was worth it. If I didn’t do the English I wouldn’t get into my schools.

What has been your favourite subject at Parsons Green Prep and why?

My favourite subject is PE because I enjoy playing netball and doing gymnastics on the pitches. Usually I play WA (wing attack). It’s not a good position but I play it because I like the game. I am on the A-team. I also like maths.

What after-school club or activity have you enjoyed the most?

I liked the ski trip. I skied for around three hours every day. I was in the intermediate group and we went down steep hills and it was fun and icy.

What has been your greatest achievement here?

I came first in the ski race. I nearly tripped over because we had to go around these flags and I went too fast.

What will you miss most?

My friends and my teachers.

What’s your favourite memory of Parsons Green Prep?

Coming joint first place in the talent show last year for my gymnastics. I won a certificate and some mini-eggs.

How do you feel about going to your new school?

I feel excited and a little bit nervous. I am excited about meeting new people. I am nervous about getting lost in the school because it’s really big.

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?

I am looking forward to making new friends and I heard that there is gymnastics on the beam and swinging. I would really like to be on the netball team but it’s really hard. I would really like to be in the A set for maths.

What would you like to do professionally?

I would like to be a fashion designer because everyone thinks I will be one, because I like designing things and I always wear matching clothes. I would also like to be a gymnast and do competitions and come first.