Boxes of Love at Bishop Creighton House

21 December 2016


The children from Reception, Year 6 and the chamber choir at Parsons Green Prep recently went to Bishop Creighton House to sing carols and hand out Boxes of Love to the guests there. The boxes were filled with gifts that the children thought the guests would enjoy or find useful, such as toiletries and games. They also received a hand-written Christmas card with a thoughtful message. 

This is now the second year that Parsons Green Prep has been making links with local organisations at Christmas. The children really enjoyed the chance to perform for and meet local members of the community and learnt the value of being able to give gifts to others.‘We are delighted to help such a great charity for the elderly at this time of year and the children love to sing to them and present them with their Box of Love,’ said Miss Laura, head of music at Parsons Green Prep.

A big well done to all the staff and children who took part and a very Happy Christmas to all the guests and staff at Bishop Creighton House.

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