Ducklings at PGP

16 May 2017


As part of the Living Eggs topic, we recently had some very special visitors at Parsons Green Prep. Six ducklings arrived in egg form in an incubator from Incredible Eggs. All the eggs hatched successfully within 24 hours and the different year groups named them Daisy, Quackers, Ruby Fluffywings, Fluffy, Chicka and Beaky. The children have been amazed at how quickly they have grown – especially seeing them after the long weekend. The experience has helped them in many areas of the curriculum. Year 1 have been learning about the duck life cycle in their science lessons, while Years 3 and 4 have been filling in their individual duckling journals where they have made observations and drawings and have been learning all about ducks and how to look after them. The children have become expert at holding them gently and each class has had the opportunity to observe the ducklings swimming in a paddling pool, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. For the middle weekend, one of our families took care of them and their three children at PGP wrote about the experience. 

Annie – Year 6
‘We loved having the ducklings! When we put them in water, instincts kicked in and they immediately knew what to do – it was incredible. It was amazing how much they grew over the weekend. Lilly read to them every morning. Our brother also really enjoyed it. Living in London, he had never seen baby ducks before. We were really sad when we had to bring them back to school.’

Ellie – Year 4
‘The ducks were slightly nervous for the first day or so, running around and flapping their wings – poor things probably didn’t know what was happening! Once they settled and become accustomed to our household they ate so much and they pooped a lot! It was sad to see them go but at least the house is back to normal I guess.’

Lilly – Year 2S
‘When I was taking care of the ducklings I saw them swimming in water. It was very cute when they dived under the water. When they ate their food they poked their heads into the feeder. My favourite bit was watching them race each other, jumping over things in their cage!’


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