Year 6 leavers' interviews – Ana

6 June 2017


It’s reached that point in the summer term when we interview our wonderful Year 6 leavers on everything from the 11+ to what they want to do professionally when they grow up. First up in our series of Q&As is head girl Ana.

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How did you find the 11+?
Since the school pushed me so hard I found it quite challenging but at the same time I enjoyed it because I revised so much. 

What has been your favourite subject at Parsons Green Prep and why?
Probably STEM, because the subjects varied a lot and we had loads of choices on what to learn. If we didn’t want to learn maths, we could learn engineering instead. 

What after-school club or activity have you enjoyed the most?
Again probably STEM, because it included lots of creativity and imagination. I found it really interesting when we had to make structures out of straws which had to be strong enough to hold a kilo of coins. 

What has been your greatest achievement here?
Becoming head girl was definitely my greatest achievement ever. It meant so much to me that I could make a difference in the school, by showing my opinion, helping the headteacher on tours and other things which included the school. 

What will you miss most?
Definitely my friends and my teachers a lot. But since I am moving to a much bigger school, I will miss the homely atmosphere the most. PGP has its own unique touch. It’s like family here. 

What’s your favourite memory of Parsons Green Prep?
In Year 3 we were doing maths and we were colouring in a chart. Suddenly the fire alarm went off. My friend has these shoes without straps. It was funny because she couldn’t put them on and had to leave barefoot. We were all really synchronised. We all pushed ourselves away from the table at the same time and threw our pencils in the air. It was like it was raining pencils. It was very funny. 
How do you feel about going to your new school?
I feel like I am going to miss my friends but I know I am still going to see them. Also I just feel that I might have trouble making new friends, even though I know I have great friends and they say I am a great person. I will feel like a part of me is missing because I have known them so long. 

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?
Again, it’s about friends. I feel like meeting new people is like new opportunities. If you have done something wrong you can start all over again. I am really keen on learning new subjects and I am really excited about chemistry.  

What would you like to do professionally?
Right now I am really keen on being an astronaut but I haven’t made my choice yet because I am 11. I would like to be an astronaut because of the whole thing with Tim Peake. I would like to be like him. I think it would be a challenge because I am scared of going quickly and afraid of heights but it is another excuse to get over those fears. 


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