Year 6 leavers' interviews – Annie

6 June 2017


In the second of our series of Year 6 leavers’ interviews, we speak with Annie. 

Next school: St Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, Tennessee

How did you find the 11+?
Easier than I thought because I didn’t actually have to do the 11+, because I am moving countries. But I had to do the prep for it and that was stressful. I don’t really want to do an exam like that again but I know I am going to have to.  

What has been your favourite subject at Parsons Green Prep and why?
I really like sport because it is active and fun. I am sports captain at PGP. My favourite sport is rounders. 

What after-school club or activity have you enjoyed the most?
I haven’t done any this term because of moving. In the past I did drama as an after-school club. It was with Mr Neil and he would teach us how to use the lighting to make a play. It was really fun operating the lights. We would get all these long drapes and costumes. It was always so much fun. 

What has been your greatest achievement here?
Becoming sports captain in Year 6. I have always liked sports and I like to help the people who are less sporty to get involved and have fun. 

What will you miss most?
I will miss all of my friends and how close we have become. I really like how small this school is.

What’s your favourite memory of Parsons Green Prep?
I remember when I first walked through the school doors and a Mum came up to me and said ‘good luck’. I will always remember that. It was Sherry, Brendan’s Mum. I was really excited because I looked up at the Year 6 kids walking to their classroom and I thought I would never be that grown up. Although I am still not grown up at all. 

How do you feel about going to your new school?
Really excited. It’s a much bigger school, therefore there is more of a variety of personalities. I went there for a day last term. It was so relaxed. There is no school uniform – whoopee! 

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?
Making new friends. Learning new things because in the US you learn everything again because the UK is a year ahead. 

What would you like to do professionally?
I would like to be a counsellor at the New Life Camp, a Christian camp in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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