Year 6 leavers' interviews – Brendan

7 June 2017


Today’s Year 6 Q&A is with head boy Brendan, covering everything from what he likes about our Young Engineers club to why he wants to be a marine biologist.

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How did you find the 11+?
I found it difficult but I was happy that it was over when I finished. I found the comprehension quite difficult but I do really like maths so I found that easier. 

What has been your favourite subject at Parsons Green Prep and why?
Probably science because I really like the experiments that we do. We attached a balloon to a straw that was on a string and we estimated how many balloons it would take to get the straw from one side of the room to the other. It was exciting to see how many people got the answer right and how many got it wrong. It was really cool. 

What after-school club or activity have you enjoyed the most?
I have enjoyed Young Engineers the most because it isn’t like any other club, like our Chelsea Foundation football club. Young Engineers is like science and it’s really fascinating to be able to build loads of different Lego structures. 

What has been your greatest achievement here?
Probably becoming head boy. It made me feel like I had passed a huge milestone and it was nice to finally become something really important at the school. One of my favourite memories is doing parent tours with headteacher Miss Helen and Ana, our head girl. 

What will you miss most?
How the teachers make the lessons extremely fun and also every child and all my friends. 

What’s your favourite memory of Parsons Green Prep?
Getting to know all the pupils and the teachers well.

How do you feel about going to your new school?
I feel kind of nervous but very excited. I am happy to be able to make new friends but also not to forget my friends here at Parsons Green Prep. 

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?
A bigger school and the different lessons that they do, like biology and the other science that they do there. The science is different to the science here. You can do things with geology, biology and other science subjects. 

What would you like to do professionally?
To carry on what my grandfather did and become a marine biologist, because I do like all the sea life. I like fishing and I also like to study how fish swim and the way they grow and evolve. 

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