Year 6 leavers' interviews – Gabi

9 June 2017


Today for our Year 6 leaver’s interview we speak with Gabi, covering what she thinks of coding to what she is most looking forward to at her new school. 

Next school: St Catherine’s, Twickenham

How did you find the 11+?
It was sort of tricky, especially comprehension and maths and writing because sometimes you just have to think about a story you don’t want to think about. You want to write about unicorns but then you have to write about space.

What has been your favourite subject at Parsons Green Prep and why?
Computing and science, because I really like experimenting and I like coding and working with computers. 

What after-school club or activity have you enjoyed the most?
There are two that are my favourites currently – Creative Coders and Young Engineers. I like playing with Lego and building news things and coding is really, really fun. 

What has been your greatest achievement here?
Becoming house vice-captain at PGP. I didn’t want to be house captain because I think there would be quite a bit of work. 

What will you miss most?
I will miss the teachers and my friends. 

What’s your favourite memory of Parsons Green Prep?
When I first came (in Year 4), because I wasn’t friends with anyone in my class because I didn’t know them and I started to play with the Year 3 children at the time. Then I became good friends with my class too. 

How do you feel about going to your new school?
I feel a bit scared because I won’t know anyone and the school is quite big and I won’t know where classes are and I will probably need a map. 

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?
There is a new sport which we don’t do here – trampolining. I really want to do that. 

What would you like to do professionally?
I just want to work with computers or maybe be a gymnast.