Q&A with Peques Nursery Group

30 August 2017


Continuing our series of Q&A interviews with our local Fulham nurseries, we speak with the Peques Nursery Group (peques.co.uk), with two sites located on the North End Road and the Dawes Road.

How many children do your nurseries take?  

What’s new at the nurseries?
We are working towards Millie’s Mark, a quality assurance for Paediatric First Aid, the London Healthy Workplace Charter, which is also a quality assurance, and we have achieved our Early Years Healthy Silver Award and are awaiting our gold award, focussing on physical activity.

What indoor facilities do you have?
We have our own kitchen and qualified chef with fresh, healthy homemade food cooked daily (we do not use frozen food). We have yoga and dance sessions that are extracurricular and all our furniture is natural wood. We have a full-time housekeeper who keeps the nursery clean at all times.

What outdoor facilities do you have?
We have a large garden with an allotment, Mud Kitchen, teepee and other garden equipment in line with the areas of development.

What’s the best bit about your nurseries?
We are Ofsted-rated as Outstanding and are a multilingual setting with three languages – English, Spanish and Mandarin. There are both English and Spanish teachers in all groups and two full-time Mandarin teachers. One rotates between the under-threes and one is full-time with the over-threes. Our vision is a world where children are allowed to unlock their inner potential, flourish from within and lead the way.

Who is the best contact there?
Soraya Islam-Sanchez (Administrator) on 0207 385 0055 or at enquiries@peques.co.uk

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