It's the taking part that counts

22 November 2017


Much as we love to post about our sporting victories, there are always things to be learned from losing as well. The Year 3 netball teams came up against a very slick Pembridge Hall yesterday – well done to their players on two great performances. Our A team lost 10-1 and the B team lost 6-3. We conceded a few early goals and found ourselves on the back foot from the offset. However, the PGP girls persevered and kept their heads up to score a few goals from several set pieces. This was a valuable learning experience for them and highlighted specific areas we can improve in, such as creating space away from a defender, making quicker, slicker passes and marking the players in opposite positions more tightly. Onwards and upwards!

Match report:

‘On Tuesday 21 November the Year 3’s played a match against Pembridge Hall. We tried very hard but sadly we lost. We made some good passes and communicated very well. I can’t wait to play another match and hopefully next time we will win!’ (Phoebe)

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