French café culture comes to PGP

26 February 2018


Le French Programme team was delighted to host Le French Café last week, where the programme students were the waitresses and waiters, taking orders from their peers. The whole school came by, one year group at a time, to be immersed in a French setting and enjoy a traditional culinary experience. The children had practised over half-term and had perfected their pronunciation when ordering ‘un croissant et un jus d’orange s’il vous plait’. We learnt that, upon receiving drinks, the guests at the table clink their glasses together while saying ‘chin chin’. We also found out how important it was to be polite to the waiters in France as many of them can be very grumpy! All in all, it was a ‘formidable’ experience in which all the children spoke and interacted beautifully in French.

Parsons Green Prep School
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