Year 4 visit to the RAF museum

16 May 2018


Year 4 went to the RAF museum last week. We arrived at the museum, all the way up near the end of the Northern Line, in glorious sunshine. Around this time of year 78 years ago squadrons of Hurricanes would have been scrambled from the hangars to fight in the Battle of Britain, but today they house many planes from lots of different eras and countries. We walked in past a huge Sunderland flying boat, explored the main hall and tried to pick out as many World War Two planes as we could. There were fast fighters like the Spitfire or Tempest, bulky bombers like the Lancaster and the B17 and even transport planes like the Oxford. There weren’t just Allied planes though – there were two different types of Messerschmitt and even an Italian biplane. We learned about the different uniforms the RAF wore during the war, depending on what job they did or where they were stationed, and we even had the chance to try some on. We also enjoyed a trip back in time as we had a talk about air raid safety in a 1940s-style room before the siren sounded and we had to make our way to the shelter!

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