Chess champions at PGP

5 June 2018


At PGP we have a system of chess awards called the Carlsens. There are bronze, silver and gold Carlsens to be won before an attempt can be made at winning the top prize of a PGP Chess Magnus. Each term, the children have a chance to advance through the Carlsens to reach the Magnus, but only Kyle (2016 leaver) has ever won a Chess Magnus. However, this year Mr Viv has great pleasure in announcing that William and Matthew (both Year 6) have been given this highest of chess awards. They have consistently shown flair for the game as well as persistence, determination, a never-say-die attitude, sportsmanship and a love for chess that has meant they are an example to all. Congratulations to them both. Theirs is no mean feat and Mr Viv is sure they will both go on to great things in the world of chess. Congratulations William and Matthew! 

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