Month: February 2019

Our very own Maths Day

27 February 2019

Parsons Green Prep has been busy celebrating its very own Maths Day. We kicked off with a Maths Bee competition in the hall, with all contestants showing excellent mental maths skills. This was followed by lots of exciting maths activities in the classrooms. Well done to Miss Lucy for organising another great event at PGP.

Our Work of the Week 3

27 February 2019

In science, Year 2 have been learning about food chains. Our Work of the Week comes from Cecilia, who has been working very hard to learn how to structure a food chain and the importance of each role throughout. Cecilia was able to recall and define important scientific vocabulary and articulate her knowledge very clearly….

Our friends in France

26 February 2019

Since the beginning of term Miss Claude and Miss Marina, who teach French and run Le French Programme at Parsons Green Prep, have been in touch with a school in Normandy called Ecole Notre Dame la Trinité-Sur-Mer. One of our PGP children from Year 1 spent some time in the school over the summer holidays…

A legendary Work of the Week

5 February 2019

This term Year 1 have been looking at medieval tales and have closely studied the story of George and the Dragon. Our Work of the Week is from Zack, who has made a dragon mask and designed his own coat of arms. He has used different materials, textures and shading to create two fantastic pieces…

Work of the Week 17

1 February 2019

Our Work of the Week comes from Julia in Year 5. She researched facts about rivers using her laptop, non-fiction books and atlases. After doing this, she compiled facts using short sentences and bullet points in her book. Finally, she used this information to write her own very interesting information text. Well done Julia –…