Our friends in France

26 February 2019


Since the beginning of term Miss Claude and Miss Marina, who teach French and run Le French Programme at Parsons Green Prep, have been in touch with a school in Normandy called Ecole Notre Dame la Trinité-Sur-Mer. One of our PGP children from Year 1 spent some time in the school over the summer holidays and suggested that our two schools start a letter exchange.

The children have sent several letters already, which has proved to be a wonderful exercise for both schools. Year 5 are taking part with Miss Claude, as well as a couple of Miss Marina’s Le French Programme pupils. It is a great activity for the children as they are putting their French to use in real-life situations, using all of the vocabulary learnt with Miss Claude.

The French school has published a few articles on the exchange with plenty of pictures on their website and they have also appeared in their local newspaper.




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