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Month: November 2020

Year 5 study the Victorians

12th November 2020

Year 5 have been studying the Victorians, from William Morris to Lord Shaftesbury. Comparing pedagogy then and now took them into the classrooms of yesteryear, with blackboards, dunce caps and endless copying. We are…

Half-term art project

11th November 2020

Headmaster Mr Faulkner challenged the children to get creative with natural materials during half-term and the results were wonderfully creative and fun. All hues of leaf gave them a full palette for their…

Writing, aliens and faces from food

10th November 2020

Our Reception children have been very busy recently. They practised writing their name with objects from around their house – part of understanding the importance of letter formation whilst using their gross and…

PGP scores highly in lockdown survey

9th November 2020

Hot off the press – PGP received top ratings from the ISC (Independent Schools Council) in its recent survey about performance in lockdown. PGP parents taking part returned a whopping 82% of positive…