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Livin’ On A Prayer Bowl

Posted: 3rd February 2021

A teacher with a range of drums and cymbals around them

Our Head of HR and School Administrator, Mr Neil, is offering online gong bath sound relaxation classes for parents and children and they come highly recommended.

Being still and allowing our whole self to balance is a remedy we so often overlook. These days there is always something to catch our attention or we are looking to fill the moment with something to bring us a sense of normality. A gong bath sound relaxation class allows you to shift the focus from doing and settle into a space of being, in the present moment, the here and now.

The class is on Zoom on Fridays and Sundays at 8pm and gives you the chance to transform your home into your own personal place of stillness whilst you tune in to the live session. Classes are £10 per family per session and start this Friday. To book the online classes please visit www.thegongroom.eventbrite.com.

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