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Creative Writing Week is a hit

Posted: 9th November 2021

Last week we dived headfirst into the underwater world for our Creative Writing Week. We explored boxes of flotsam and discussed observations and inferences we could draw about the owner of the items and wondered about what goes on below the ocean. We then read a picture book by David Wiesner titled Flotsam, which tells the story of a young boy who finds an old underwater camera washed up on a beach. After getting the film developed, he is astonished to discover photographs of unusual underwater events taking place – a clockwork fish, pufferfish hot air balloons and an octopus lounge. This wonderful, wordless book and boxes of flotsam have inspired creativity across all year groups, from underwater adventure stories and postcards to persuasive adverts and diary entries from the camera’s perspective. What adventurous writers we have at PGP!

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