Category: Work of the Week

Work of the Week

6 October 2016

Well done to Lillian in Y2S for the Work of the Week. Lillian sequenced the events in the Greedy Zebra story using a storyboard.

Willa Year 1

23 September 2016

Willa in Year 1 wrote a description and then collaged a picture of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl.

George Reception N

10 June 2016

George independently wrote this about his half-term holidays.

Emily – Year 2

27 May 2016

Well done to Emily in Year 2, who has created our Work of the Week this week. Emily has written a leaflet about the rainforest.

Eloise year 6

20 May 2016

Here is Eloise’s writing exam. As well as having a wide range of punctuation and vocabulary, the story also includes emotion and the first and last sentence link. This is an excellent example of the calibre of work that our Year 6 children have been producing this year.

Pirates ahoy!

13 May 2016

India in year 1 imagined the view from the porthole of her pirate ship.

Sophia 2L

11 March 2016

This work of the week is a textured collage in the style of Chagal by Sophia in year 2.

Year 1L

4 March 2016

This week Miss Louise’s class have been making Mother’s Day cards. The colours for this card were very well chosen and neatly put together. We won’t spoil any surprises before the big day so this week’s artist will remain anonymous!

Leon – Reception

25 February 2016

Leon looked at the Big Write picture and used his imagination to think of and write his own story.

Emily Year 2

5 February 2016

Emily imagined that she was escaping the Great Fire of London. She included some amazing descriptions and even wrote in paragraphs.