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We support and extend the children in computing skills and aim to provide them with the relevant knowledge they will need for the future. We follow the new National Curriculum for computing. This has three main areas: computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

Computing is not a standalone subject. While it is taught as a dedicated lesson to everyone, computing also features as a part of many other lessons, whether preparing a presentation in French or putting together a spreadsheet in maths. Computer literacy is taken for granted at the majority of senior schools and we expect our pupils to achieve a good level of proficiency before they leave PGP. Good technological resources enable teachers to enhance learning and teach computing skills effectively.

Teachers use a range of strategies to deliver computing. These include whole-class demonstrations using classroom Smartboards, individual or paired working, whole-class discussions, collaborative group work, pair-work and peer evaluation. Computing is taught in a gradual, balanced and stimulating way across the Key Stages.