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Through English, we develop our ability to listen, speak, read and write. These fundamental life skills enable children to express themselves fluently and creatively and give them the foundation they need to become enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers. English forms part of the Creative Curriculum. Reading and writing skills are developed and nurtured in conjunction with different topic work, giving the children the opportunity to improve their skills in a variety of different contexts. Children’s English skills are developed through constant support and encouragement, starting in the Early Years and continuing as children progress through the school.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, English skills are taught in dedicated daily lessons. These sessions typically cover a reading or a writing activity, a focused word or sentence activity, a guided group or independent activity or a whole class session for reviewing progress and learning. Children develop important skills, learning to talk to adults as well as their peers. They are taught to listen carefully to expand their vocabulary and are also shown how to explore words in texts. Children from Year 1 upwards have designated spelling, punctuation and grammar skills lessons, as well as the opportunity to apply taught skills during daily independent writing sessions. Children are shown self-evaluation techniques. They are given the tools to begin planning, drafting and evaluating their own work.

The children enjoy putting their English skills into action at our special school events, including readathons, spelling bees, book fairs and author visits. World Book Day provides another exciting opportunity for us to enthuse our young learners, with the whole school taking part in themed events. Weekly class assemblies, school productions and ‘buddy’ reading activities also develop speaking and listening skills and help the children to gain confidence by performing for an audience.