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School is not all about academics and we want our children to leave with the broadest possible range of experiences. In addition to our performing arts and sport schedule, we have a varied programme of other events to enrich and inspire. A day every term is given over to whole school events (it was an Opera Day in Summer 2020), every class has a termly trip out of school and the older year groups enjoy a variety of residential trips in the summer term. Among these events we have visitors speaking on subjects from farming to mindfulness, often with associated workshops and activities.

The aim is to present children with a broader perspective on the world, to allow them to question and to encourage them to engage. The prep school years is the perfect time to ignite passions and reveal aptitudes and for many it is a phase when lifelong passions take root. Our enrichment programme also ties in to our preparation for 11+. Success here is not only based on academic prowess. There is also an interview and the more our children can talk and enthuse about things close to their heart, the better they will do.