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An understanding of biology, chemistry and physics starts with an inquiring mind. Our primary aim is to harness each child’s natural inquisitiveness and develop their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding of the world. Children enjoy a wealth of resources in our science room. They are encouraged to work scientifically by asking scientific questions, using scientific vocabulary, planning and carrying out investigations and analysing their results. We aim to build key knowledge and science skills and carry out practical investigations, encouraging their curiosity and making learning exciting.

The children get involved in ‘real’ scientific activities. These include preparing and undertaking science experiments, solving everyday problems linked to current affairs, visiting local science museums, gardens and environmental centres, and participating in recycling and ecological initiatives. They also hear from members of scientific groups and various science educators who are invited to speak and share their experiences with the children.

At Parsons Green Prep we use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our science lessons, which are differentiated to support all the learning needs within the class. The children work in pairs and in small groups to encourage discussion. They are tasked with inquiry-based research activities. Each term, we have whole school activities linked to the science curriculum. One particularly exciting example was a project to hatch chicks – their progress was broadcast to the classrooms and school hall via a live weblink. The children enjoy whole school science days and workshops through the year.