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Head Boy’s Speech

Open Day speech 2021 – Ahrin – Head Boy

Good morning parents and children. I am delighted you have taken the time to visit our school today.

I was too young to remember the first time I walked through those big, black doors of PGP – I was only three. Back then we had a nursery. In my early years , I was a small, shy boy who struggled with confidence. Although I have not gained much in height since then, slowly but surely I have gained courage through the support of my amazing teachers and fantastic friends.

I fondly remember my first ever Reception teacher, Miss Lizzie, who really helped shape my time here. She was the one who encouraged me to put myself forward for various school competitions. For example, I started playing chess when I was four years old and it has now become a true passion of mine – I can proudly say I am the owner of a gold Carlsen medal. It was these small successes which really made me start to believe in myself.

The nurturing staff and personal attention continued throughout the years and helped me uncover many hidden talents and grow as a young boy. Now, as I find myself in the final chapter of my time here, I feel reassured under the brilliant and experienced influence of Mr Ryan, my form tutor for both years 5 and 6. Having that continuity through these pivotal years is really helping get the very best out of all us, as we embark on our 11+ journey.

PGP is a place where children thrive in a friendly and supportive environment. I’d like to think I am an example of how even a pawn can become the unlikely hero on the chess board. If you had told me seven years ago that I would be standing up here talking to so many new faces, I would have laughed in disbelief. Yet here I am.

Here, there is a place for everyone and our small and nurturing school makes that possible, whether you are a keen sportsman or someone who likes to bury their head in a book. I have made some lifelong friends here and whilst many of us will go our separate ways for senior school, I am sure we will stay in touch.

Having been at this school for over seven years, I have seen the school grow from strength to strength into the wonderful community that we have here today. I love this school and feel very privileged to be able to call myself a PGP pupil, let alone Head Boy.


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