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January news digest – art and science

Posted: 14th May 2024

Miss Hannah’s Art Adventures Club

Reception have been exploring various art activities with Miss Hannah in her Art Adventures Club. The children have been busy learning all about Chinese New Year. This is the year of the Dragon, so they worked hard to create their very own dragon stick puppets and lanterns.

The Art Club has also been looking at the artist Marc-André Huot and his painting Winter Landscape with Tree. The children used paints to create a winter landscape and sponges to blend the paints together. They then painted a silhouette of a winter tree over the top. They loved using both paintbrushes and sponges to create these wonderful landscapes.

As part of their topic work, the Reception children have been learning all about space. Art Club explored this further by creating their very own solar system. They flicked white paint across a black piece of paper to represent the stars in the solar system. They then used oil crayons to draw the planets in their solar system. They carefully cut them out and glued them onto their picture. Great work everybody!

Year 4 trip to the Science Museum

Year 4 ventured to the Science Museum, where they enjoyed extending their knowledge about security systems, switches and investigating the Wonderlab. It was a joy to explore and engage in interactive experiences that provoked wonder and fired the imagination. You can read about the Year 1 to Year 6 curriculum here.

Year 5 trip to the Thames

Year 5 visited the River Thames to complement our rivers topic within Humanities lessons. The session was called ‘Rivers & Environmental Issues program’ and was run by the Thames Explorer Trust at Fulham Palace. We took part in a range of exciting challenges including foreshore fieldwork: at low tide we took part in river dipping, which was a chance to discover firsthand what creatures live in the river. We then looked at how the river environment has changed over time and how pollution and human impact can pose a danger to living things.

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