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Open Day speech 2023 – Anna – Head of School

Good morning everyone and thank you for coming to our biannual Open Day event at Parsons Green Prep. My name is Anna, and I am one of the Heads of School this academic year. I have been at PGP a long time, in fact since Reception, and over the past seven years I have changed immeasurably, not just in terms of physical growth but also academically and emotionally.

Currently I am preparing to sit my 11+ examinations, something which is a little daunting for my peers and I, but one in which we are supported enormously by our teachers. There are a number of schools which I am interested in and over the next few weeks I hope to narrow my preferred choice.

To me PGP is a welcoming and nurturing environment. It feels like my second home and one in which I can make mistakes and learn from them. PGP feels like a bubble separated from the outside world by the big black gates. Each and every morning when I come into school it feels like I am stepping into a safe and warm place. I believe that this feeling is created by the school ethos of treating everyone fairly and equally, no matter what you believe or where you are from. I also feel comfortable in approaching every adult in the school as I know they will listen and respond in a caring and thoughtful way. Likewise, I enjoy socialising with my peers and as the classes are quite small, I feel it is easy to build meaningful friendships.

I understand that all of you here today have a difficult decision to make in the coming months about which school you would like to send your child to. I hope by the end of your tour today you will see that what I have said is reflected in the school. As a pupil at PGP for the past seven years, the things I enjoy here the most are the following: the varied curriculum that we learn (personally, for me it is a mix between maths, art and STEAM), I enjoy playing netball on the Astro pitch and playground at breaktimes with my friends and each year, from Year 3, we go on a residential, which is super fun.

I hope to speak to some of you during the tour and I hope you ‘feel at home’ at PGP as much as I do. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my speech.

Our next Open Day and tours

Our next Open Day is on Saturday 18 May at 9.30am. We also offer drop-in mornings and individual tours of the school during term time. We are a proprietorial, standalone school with membership of the ISA, IAPS and NACE. We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school. Rated ‘Excellent’ in all areas of our May 2022 ISI inspection.

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