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News and Events

Destruction in the name of science

27th January 2022

Year 4 had an amazing school trip to the Natural History Museum. When we arrived, we went to the ‘Emergency! Earthquakes and volcanoes’ workshop. The scientists had gone missing so Year 4 heroically…

Livingstone wins STEAM house battle

25th January 2022

Last week the whole school came together for a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) house battle. Four different activities were set up around the school and the children had to complete…

Full STEAM Ahead Club discovers bubble art

20th January 2022

The Full STEAM Ahead club members were challenged to paint with just air. The children discovered that by mixing paint, washing-up liquid and just the right amount of water, you could then blow…

Year 6 and Reception buddy up

19th January 2022

At Parsons Green Prep Reception and Year 6 buddy up to share their learning. Each week the two classes come together for two reading sessions. On Mondays Year 6 read to Reception and…

Reception go on a Space Adventure

18th January 2022

Reception had a visit from Imogen from the Freshwater Theatre Company, who took us on a Space Adventure. We went on a magical exploration, through storytelling, finding clues at different locations. We had…

Our end-of-term newsletters

12th January 2022

One of the best ways to see what goes on at Parsons Green Prep is through our end-of-term newsletters. The Autumn 2021 edition is now live on the website at https://www.parsonsgreenprep.co.uk/news/newsletters/. Another way…

Year 6 build their own mini Stonehenges

11th January 2022

As part of their STEAM curriculum, Year 6 have begun to design their Stonehenge projects. After extensive research of how this famous monument was built, the children planned and discussed ways to create…

Logo Lift-off!

10th January 2022

We have Logo Lift-off! The UK Space Agency is running a competition for 4 to 11-year-olds to design a logo for rockets launching from UK spaceports in 2022. As part of our STEAM…

Welcome back!

6th January 2022

A warm welcome back on this frosty morning to all our children, parents and staff and an especially warm welcome to our new children and parents. We hope you all had a fantastic…

Merry Christmas

23rd December 2021

Wishing all our children, parents, staff and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.