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We recently had a visit from Sarah at Educatus, who toured the school with our head, Dr Edmonds. We were delighted with the resulting Educatus Explorer blog post – it captures PGP perfectly. You can read the blog post at https://educatus.org.uk/educatus-explorer/parsons-green-prep.

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There are four houses within the school and each house has a House Captain.

  • Attenborough (green) – after Sir David Attenborough
  • Earhart (yellow) – after Amelia Earhart
  • Shackleton (blue) – after Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • Williams (red) – after Serena Williams

Upon entry to the school, each child is assigned to one of the four houses and siblings join the same house as their older brother or sister.

The children are encouraged to work together to gain House Points. These are then totalled, providing an overall winning house each term. This encourages team spirit and a sense of whole school involvement. Coloured T-shirts are required for House days and inter-house sports competitions.

House Points are given for:

• Effort and attainment in lessons and in extra-curricular activities
• Showing respect for each other and for other people’s belongings
• Being courteous and polite
• Taking time to listen to others and respond positively
• Being kind
• Meeting the success criteria of the weekly challenge
• Being helpful
• Proactive engagement in school events, competitions and workshops