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The school is owned by the Proprietor, Lucinda Waring.  She founded the school in 2001 and for some time was headmistress. She continues to take an active and committed role in the running of the school, meeting frequently with the Headmaster and providing direction.  She is supported by Tim Cannell as Principal. He is also a former head of the school and has oversight of administrative and compliance aspects of running the school.

We have an advisory board made up of heads and deputy heads from a number of London schools. One of them, Janie Richardson, was headmistress at PGP for many years. The board provides expertise on educational matters and ensure that our offering remains at the forefront of current pedagogical practice.

Within school the Headmaster is supported by a Senior Leadership Team comprising the Head of Pastoral Care, the Head of Assessment and Learning and the Heads of EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They meet every week and discuss everything from the macro to the micro.