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School lunches

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School lunches, snacks and the catering service at Parsons Green Prep

Parsons Green Prep has a lunchtime dining experience that truly reflects the school’s high standards, ethos and values. Mealtimes are a memorable part of the school day and our genuine passion for great food, using locally sourced ingredients and prepared fresh each day for the children to enjoy, is a priority. We recognise the importance of food to support the children’s wellbeing to maximising academic progress and the need for a balanced diet to provide the sustained energy involved in a busy school day. We encourage healthy eating and aim to inspire the children to explore flavourful and exciting dishes, combining a mixture of authentic flavours and classic home comforts.

This exceptional catering provision is achieved in our purpose-built kitchen and by working in partnership with the renowned catering company Thomas Franks. Our Chef, Douglas Wickes, and his catering team, take extra care to manage the dietary needs of each pupil. Our commitment to healthy choices is led by the Thomas Franks Group Director of Nutrition and Wellbeing, who works alongside the Chef and school team to create a fully balanced, healthy and nutritious menu to suit the whole school community. Parents are occasionally invited to sample lunch and staff are on hand to support with table manners and provide a family dining experience. Our children have a say in the development of the menus and service, with the Food Committee representatives from Reception to Year 6 seeking the views of the school community to inform decisions regarding the food we provide for lunch and snacks.

Please take the opportunity to read and Chef Wickes’ biography, our three-week rotating menus and our partnership brochure with Thomas Franks below.

Douglas Wickes – Catering Manager and Chef

Douglas (Chef Wickes) joined Parsons Green Prep in October 2022 as Catering Manager and Chef, leading the launch of a new and exciting catering service for the school.

Douglas has over 20 years of experience within the catering industry, working in prestigious restaurants and hotels across the UK and in Europe, alongside some world-renowned chefs such as Robin Reid at Soho Hotel in London and Brian McCann at Shu in Belfast.

When Douglas become a father he moved into school catering, directing his energy and wealth of knowledge to providing exceptional meals for young children. When it comes to creating a range of dishes children will love, his daughter is his toughest critic. He creates meals using fresh ingredients that children will love with a focus on providing the nutritional elements and energy needed for a busy school day and a healthy lifestyle.