Parsons Green Prep School’s mission is to be recognised as a leading day prep school that offers both a challenging and rich curriculum and a broad range of opportunity experienced within the context of a happy childhood.
Statement of Aims and Core Values
PGP recognises that: ‘How a child learns is as important as what a child learns’ and is therefore committed to offering all its pupils an excellent education, inspiring them to achieve their best within a rich, happy, safe and fulfilling school experience upon which will be built future success.
Our Aims and Values
1. Promote high standards of academic achievement and give support and challenge to pupils appropriate to their abilities.
2. Ensure a breadth of educational opportunity, nurturing both enthusiasm and talent.
3. Prepare and give children the skills (academic, social, creative and technological) that will enable them to make a positive contribution to society and engage in life-long learning.
4. Promote values of kindness, respect, tolerance and diversity, developing a sense of service to the community as well as promoting a sense of social responsibility. 
5. Foster healthy physical and emotional well-being in an atmosphere that allows children to be children.
6. Enable the pupils to acquire and develop the skills, according to their ability, that they will need to be self-confident and successful.