School policies are available by following the links below. They are also available to view in the school office at any time during the school day.

Academic Performance294.20 KB
Admissions Policy 2019-2020269.38 KB
Anti-bullying Policy 2019-2020747.57 KB
Behaviour Policy 2019-2020541.98 KB
Complaints Policy 2019-2020332.48 KB
Curriculum Policy 2019-2020405.07 KB
EAL Policy 2019-2020323.80 KB
Equal Opportunities Policy 2019-2020264.58 KB
First Aid Policy 2019-2020426.74 KB
Health and Safety Policy 2019-2020675.82 KB
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019-2020717.39 KB
Safer Recruitment Policy 2019-2020548.87 KB
SEND Policy 2019-2020496.70 KB
Whistleblowing Policy 2019-2020320.37 KB