Matthew Faulkner


Neil Christey

HR, School Administrator and SMT

Celine Lemerle

Health and Safety Advisor

Marcus Waring

Head of Marketing

Marika Tham

Head of Admissions

Phoebe James

Year 6 Teacher and Science Coordinator

Ryan McAvoy

Year 5 Teacher, KS2 Coordinator and SMT

Louise Inglott

Year 4 Teacher and RE Coordinator

Sabina Carr

Year 4 Teacher and PSHE Coordinator

Beth Upton

Year 3 Teacher and English Coordinator

Helen Smith-Leroy

Year 3 Teacher and Music Coordinator

Samantha Porter

Year 2 Teacher, STEM and KS1 Coordinator and SMT

Lucy Hughes

Year 2 Teacher and Topic Coordinator

Beth Dinsmore

Year 1 Teacher and Maths Coordinator

Bonnie Laird

Reception Teacher and Head of EYFS

Lee Bradshaw

Reception Teacher and Drama Coordinator

Alison Sugden

Art Teacher and ART/DT Coordinator

Marina Hobden

SEND Coordinator

Thomas Simpkins

Head of PE and PE Coordinator

Chloe Gerhard

PE Assistant

Claude Lalande

French Teacher

Melissa Bagwell

Part-time Support Teacher

Aneta Laskowska

Teaching Assistant and Head of Teaching Assistants

Baigalmaa Davaajav

Teaching Assistant

Nora Flavin

Teaching Assistant

Gemma Cane

Teaching Assistant

Elinor Charman

Teaching Assistant

Suzie Cane

Teaching Assistant

Anna Bodell

Kitchen Supervisor

Mr Sean

Grounds and Maintenance Support