Category: Friends of PGP


26 November 2015

FOPGP have produced beautiful shopping bags with children’s drawings and names printed on them. These will be sold at drop-off and pick up times during the last week of term. In order to raise money for the school we are going to sell them at £7 for 1 bag or £12 for 2 bags. The…

The New Playground

21 May 2015

We have made lots of improvements in the playground at PGP recently. We’ve updated all the playground furniture, relocated key areas to enhance the use of the space and added new features including mini tennis courts. We are proud to offer so much private, secure space in the heart of west London and we want to ensure that the children…

Friends of Parsons Green Prep (FOPGP)

13 May 2015

The Friends of Parsons Green Prep is a fundraising committee run by parents from the school. The committee organises events for the school and raises money for those extras that schools do not usually provide and for four charities chosen by the four houses. The committee is run to promote a community involvement within the school….