At Parsons Green Prep, we believe that how a child learns is as important as what a child learns.

We teach from whole to parts, simple to complex and concrete to abstract. We offer our children an extensive and challenging education in breadth, depth and richness. Our children are well taught and thoroughly prepared for their next school and many are achieving well above national expectations.

We use two modern assessment systems, Target Tracker and PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools), which enable us to monitor our pupils minutely. Target Tracker gives clear and objective indications of each child’s progress through the school. Specific areas for improvement are pinpointed and we are able to clearly see where children are excelling. The PIPS program allows us to see how our children are performing against other independent schools across the country and internationally.

PGP’s curriculum has two elements: the Creative Curriculum and our STEM initiative (science, technology, engineering and maths).

The Creative Curriculum

Our Creative Curriculum aims to give children a rich and varied experience that develops their key skills and knowledge and broadens their interests. We encourage a cross-curricular approach to strengthen and consolidate learning, positively impacting on children’s understanding of topics. Themed learning with cross-curricular links enables children to have a deeper understanding of the topic. At the start of the topic the children are asked two key questions: what do you already know about the topic and what would you like to find out? 


Ask a child to solve a maths problem, and you have supported them through their next assessment. Ask a child to explore the universe with you, build a rocket and see how maths is an integral part of this process, and you have captured their curiosity. This is what our STEM initiative is all about. It brings science, technology, engineering and maths to life and gives purpose and real meaning to learning in the classroom. STEM is designed to capture the enthusiasm young children have for science and empirical discovery and develop this into a lasting interest in STEM subjects.


Your children are with us through key periods in their personal, emotional and academic development. Our curriculum is tailored to their changing needs. When your child first joins us in Reception, we provide a creative, safe and nurturing environment in which they can enjoy learning. As they progress through the school, academic endeavour becomes increasingly challenging. Each child is supported on this journey, while giving them the room to think laterally and independently.

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