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Brilliant Bakers

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Brilliant Bakers is a fun, hands-on cookery club where the children learn to cook and try out new foods while drawing on skills from across the curriculum. These include: science (reversible and irreversible changes); maths (counting, measuring and following recipe instructions and directions); safety (the importance of safety when dealing with food, utensils and appliances); PSHE (working together and developing a sense of sharing, cooperation and understanding) and language skills (learning the names of foods and utensils). The club also provides an opportunity for the children to explore new countries and cultures as they are introduced to a range of foods and traditions. They cook a variety of delicious dishes and each week they make something new to take home. Brilliant Bakers is a great way for them to learn, experiment and become more independent. Like all clubs, parents sign their children up at the beginning of the term.