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This fun and lively club is an ideal introduction to the wonderful game of chess. The benefits of chess are well known and the club is open to children of all abilities in Years 1 and 2. For beginners we quickly cover the rules, how to set up the board, the names and point value of the pieces, check and check mate and how to capture with basic tactics. The competition in the second half of each term is always very popular and encourages competitive play and sportsmanship. A chess newsletter goes out every term to keep parents informed. Also see Advanced Chess as part of the school day for Years 3 to 6.

While teaching the rules and art of chess we follow the Systematic Study of Chess:

  1. How to set up the board and how the pieces move.
  2. How to capture pieces.
  3. Inderstanding the board correctly – ranks, files and diagonals.
  4. The points value of each of the pieces.
  5. Check and checkmate.
  6. Opening principles – control key squares, activate pieces and protect the king.
  7. More advanced rules of castling and pawn promotion.
  8. Developing pieces together and controlling the centre.
  9. Making considered moves, captures and trades.
  10. Tactics – forks and pins. Using multiple pieces to attack and defend.


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