Quick Sticks

Having been an extremely popular morning club in the past, we now offer the chance for children to participate in hockey as an after-school club in the autumn term. This session focuses on providing the children with a thorough understanding of the rules of the game, with techniques like dribbling and tackling and a chance to improve their spatial awareness on the pitch. The children have the opportunity to apply these skills from various drills in game-based situations. To bring in a competitive edge, we have a hockey league with small-team matches which runs right through the course of the hockey term. This club is high on the hit list for those who want to try something new and be involved in some fun and energetic competition. It’s always thrilling to see the high number of children willing to participate in the clubs, as it enables them to be challenged and to develop their ability in a new and fast-paced sport.

Parsons Green Prep School
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