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The School Day

The school day kicks off at 8am with our early morning clubs. This may be something sporting (cross-country running or team sports) or you may prefer the more cerebral pursuits of morning chess or even exam practice if you are in Year 6. The majority, however, turn up on a multitude of scooters and bicycles between 8.30 and 8.45am.

The school day balances academic rigour with nurturing extra-curricular activities. Everybody has at least two hours of sport every week, but there is also plentiful art and music as part of the curriculum. Optional activities include drama (many study for LAMDA exams) plus a huge variety of clubs and activities until 4.45pm for the oldest children and 4.30pm for the remainder. Clubs cover topics from baking to yoga, mindfulness to film animation, debating to stagecraft. For those not taking part in clubs, the school day ends for Reception at 3pm and more senior children at either 3.30 or 4pm.