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Head Girl’s Speech

Open Day speech 2021 – Ayla – Head Girl

Why you should send your child to PGP

Good morning, everyone. My name is Ayla. I am in Year 6 and I am PGP’s Head Girl.

Today my job is to tell you a little about our amazing school. 

Welcoming Environment

First, you might be worried about your child starting a new school. But you shouldn’t worry because I can tell you from my own experience that PGP is a warm and welcoming environment. I moved here from New York in Year 3, and I didn’t know anyone.  But I made a great friend by 11am on my first day.

One of the advantages of being a smaller school is that everyone knows each other here, even across the different years. We are divided into four houses: Nightingale which I am in, Livingstone, Astor, and Drake.  Each house has a Year 6 captain and we compete to win the most points each term.

Members of each class also serve on the School Council, the Eco Committee and the Food Committee.

We gather as a school each Friday for assembly. We usually hear a lesson from Mr. Cannell, performances by students and we recognise achievements.  It’s a great way to build community.

The Year 6 children at PGP also help the younger ones at lunch Monday to Thursday and so do Year 2’s. On Friday Year 1’s and Year 5’s are lunch helpers. The Year 6’s also bring Reception to Friday assembly.

Another common worry is that your child will be bullied. That is why we have the TAG system to help children handle difficult social situations in school.

T = Tell them how you feel

A = Ask them to stop

G = Get an adult

It really is a warm and caring school.

Academics and more

Now you are probably also interested in what we learn here at PGP. Well, don’t worry that is coming up next.

My teachers have been excellent. We have small classes, so they can give each of us individual attention. Even during the pandemic, they taught full days of classes remotely, which shows amazing dedication.

We of course learn lots of English and Maths.  Also, we have fun projects in science, art, and topics we study in depth such as World War II, pirates, the Ancient Romans and even chocolate.

Each term we also give school performances.  My first year I was cast as Verruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I’ve also been a fox with a bushy tail and Queen Boudicca in our reenactment of the Roman invasion of Britain.

Clubs are also an option – right now I’m doing chess and netball in the morning before school.  In the afternoon there are also clubs, for example choir, Chelsea football club and computer coding. Also, there are individual things you can do such as LAMDA (which is like drama), singing, and playing an instrument.

We take great educational trips around London: for example, we went to the Tower of London, the London Wetland Centre and even the Thames foreshore and went into the river and found pieces of old things from the Romans.

In Year 3 we start to go on residential trips for two or three days and work our way up to a week. We’ve been to Woodrow High House, the Isle of Wight and even skiing in France.


I think you get the picture – PGP is a wonderful place for kids to learn and to grow. Thank you for coming to see it.