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We recently had a visit from Sarah at Educatus, who toured the school with our head, Dr Edmonds. We were delighted with the resulting Educatus Explorer blog post – it captures PGP perfectly. You can read the blog post at https://educatus.org.uk/educatus-explorer/parsons-green-prep.

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We believe that languages should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and an avenue to promote awareness of different cultures and traditions. Our languages programme provides children with the opportunity to specialise in French, which is taught throughout the school, on a weekly basis, by a native French speaker.

Our aim is to ensure that all children leaving at the age of 11 have a good understanding and sufficient command of the language, providing them with a solid foundation for their studies at their next schools. Regarding how we work, the children begin to develop language skills, learning through repetition, songs and games. This is followed by a basic introduction to French writing by the end of Year 2. Key Stage 2 pupils continue to develop their conversational French through roleplay, which is reinforced by reading stories and increased written work. By Year 6, children should be able to participate in class discussions in French.

We have recently relaunched Le French Programme at Parsons Green Prep. This is designed to provide French lessons to children of French-speaking families within the English educational system. Children learn to appreciate the French curriculum within a calm and secure environment. The French Programme combines the rigour of the French curriculum (by using various supports like Bled, Bescherelle, and Boscher’s method, etc) with the positive and encouraging attitude of the English way of teaching. The club embraces several key learning areas, including reading, writing, conjugation, grammar and spelling. And also from Year 3, Le French Programme focuses on the basics of maths and French history. During the school day, French classes are split: children within the F.P. have their French lessons while the rest of the class learn French with their own teacher. In the afternoon, the F.P. runs as an after-school programme (compulsory). This allows the children to follow the F.P. without missing any key lessons of their English curriculum.